What is PubblePin?

PubblePin is an app for creating and voting in rankings polls. We designed PubblePin with web communities in mind, and are striving to be a useful tool for groups who want to gauge their opinion.

Do I need an account?

Creating polls requires a free acount. You don't need an account to vote.

So where are the polls?

PubblePin polls require a link to view-this way, we give users complete control over their audience. That being said, we link to a few sample polls on the home page, so you can see how our polls work.

How do you create a poll?

First, think of what you what to rank: it can be dog breeds, celebrities, restaurants, or anything else you can think of. Let's say you're a football fan, and want to create a power rankings poll.

Next, create an account and go to our poll creation tool. Enter a title and type up the teams you want to rank. We use Freebase to help you find pictures for everything.

Once your done, we'll have your poll created in seconds, and you can then post a link on your favorite forum, on your facebook wall, or wherever else you want. Once you start collecting votes, everyone will be able to see the overall rankings list.

How does voting work?

When you navigate to a poll, you are randomly presented with a pair of the options being ranked ("rankables"). You vote for your favorite of the two, and are then given another pair. Voting is designed to be fast-paced, and it's very possible to go through hundreds of matchups in a matter of minutes.

We use everyone's votes to construct an overall rankings list using our own modified form of the ELO algorithm, which is a method commonly used in chess tournaments and other game rankings.

What are these demographics questions I see?

Poll creators can optionally choose demographic questions to place along side the poll. Answering these questions is strictly optional; however, they can be used to unearth some cool trends.

How can I edit or delete my polls?

On the top of the page, click on "Account" and then "My Polls and Stats." Here you can see a list of your polls, with the option to delete them. You can't edit most aspects of your polls, but you can add rankables: simply navigate to your poll and click "Add Rankables."

What is the "Suggestions" feature?

Suggestions are a way for voters to let you know if they think you left a rankable out. As a poll creator, you can view user suggestions under "Add Rankables."

What can I expect to see down the line?

We're actively working to add new features to make voting in polls as engaging as possible. Facebook support, video rankables, a points system, and more. If you have anything you'd like to see, or if you've discovered a bug, please leave us a message on the feedback page. We take your comments very seriously.